Using the Club Station Flex 6500 4 slice transceiver


This is just an opener for using the club station, please read the manual available from Flexradio Systems


Please make sure you are using the same version as the 6500 currently 3.1.8 DO NOT attempt to upgrade or downgrade the 6500 firmware.


Ok so you have SmartSDR 3.1.8 loaded on your PC you will need to login to SmartLink with the credentials provided, once logged in you will be presented with a single receiver slice where you can change bands HF through to 2 Meters, more on that later.

















Heading 2

S meter

With all the recent (and not so recent) posts on the Flex S-meter and its calibration, you might find Rob’s take on the subject interesting: 


Rob Sherwood on “S-Meter Accuracy” 6-OCT-2016


While no Japanese rig has a properly tracking S meter, the following do:

  Flex 6000 series

 Apache ANAN


Most K3 and K3S, though occasionally an individual radio cannot be calibrated properly. This includes the option to have the reading correct regardless of preamp or attenuator setting.


Orion II once Ten-Tec updated software to allow S meter calibration. Orion II does not correct for preamp or attenuator selection.


Eagle is good, except the S meter is microscopic and I think it quits at S9+30 dB. The Eagle reads correctly regardless of preamp or attenuator selection.

 Hilberling S meter is quite good.

 ADAT ADT-200A is very good but ergonomics in general are absurd.

 Elad DUO S meter is outstanding

 Perseus S meter is outstanding.


With virtually all current products today having a virtual S meter, there is no technical reason the S meter cannot be programmed to read properly from S1 to S9+60 over.

When an S unit is only 2 to 3 dB, it makes QSB look much worse.*

Rob, NC0B


*Note (by DJ0IP): Most recent Japanese transceivers are using just 3 dB per S-Unit. This makes the received signal look stronger... but at the same time, the QRM, QRN, and QSB also look worse!


Editors note: love the farm and just sharing an opinion.