You may be a techie or a teacher, a Doctor or a student it doesnt matter. Radio is a hobby to be enjoyed by all.

Come and talk to any of the members from the oldest to the youngest and you will instantly understand that this is a hobby where you are always learning. A hobby that never stands still and that has many different specialist areas to keep you interested and challenged.

You will see the passion and enthusiasm that our member share in their hobby and that will be infectious.

We will explain what the hobby is all about and how you can get into it. What the training is all about and what the different qualifications are.

Burton-ARC has approved trainers and examiners that can help you get your licence and advise you in what equipment is best for the way you want to work.

Get in touch and come along & meet us, you wont regret it!

Burton ARC. BURTON AMATEUR RADIO CLUB. Ham radio club in Burton upon Trent. Staffordshire. Burton-ARC G3NFC

A short, high level overview of the hobby and what it is all about by Mike MØXMX.

2018 Flyer

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This is the website of BURTON AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, Burton ARC, Burton-ARC. Burton Radio Club. The only Ham radio club in Burton upon Trent. Staffordshire. G3NFC M3X