Minutes from Committee Meeting

Present: Gary M0YIG, Geoff G8EKG, Roger 2E0CLP, Mike 2E0EZG, Mike G4HZG, Barry 2E0ZAI

Next Meeting 12th April

Summer BBQ. Date set a 12th August. Geoff (& hopefully Bruce TBC) to take care of cooking

It will be open door with the goal to get lots of people into club to see what radio is all about and hopefully encourage new members.




Prizes (Bruce to see if his manufacturers can give a prize?)

Quiz - Barry

Corporate giveaways - Mike

Women, Cakes stall

Radio Talk in Geoff to get NoV for GB3ALE

Setup a station in the garden/hall to demo and get people using it.

Mike to notify RSGB for news

Mike to notify Burton Mail See if we can get a live reporter down, maybe a piece in paper

Mike to notify Radio Stations

Geoff to go through QRZ and provide Mike with contacts to send out email invites to attract people to website.

Mike to reach out to local clubs to invite to BBQ

It was agreed that each member is able to have an email forward of @burton-arc.co.uk

Question? should we look to encourage the CB'er community into club. What are your views?

It was agreed that Mike would purchase some plastic storage boxes for the stowage of contesting gear.

It was agreed that if we arent using the trailer antenna for the VHF contest on 4th April then as a minimum Mike would go to Geoff's house to get some practice at contesting.

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